Paint, a.k.a Jon Cozart is the first youtuber I subscribed to. I think I even made a youtube account so I could follow his work.

Jon is a skinny guy,
he is now 21 and is in college. If you want to know more about him in a funny way, you can watch this video: ME ME ME

Paint doesn't have many videos, neither does he post videos on a regular basis. But I can assure you, every time he makes a new one, it is worth your while. Every video he has made that is a bit more elaborate, has gone viral. 

You may already know Jon from Harry Potter in 99 secondsor After ever after. Eventhough those videos are awesome, I appreciate his 'smaller' videos a lot. Like the times he made fun of his high school principal or just when he said hi and talked about some updates.

Jon King of the web
He has been featured in 'The Huffington Post' and has been crowned king of the web a few years ago. He has performed 'After ever after' on vidcon and so on. Jon often makes fun of himself, which entertains his viewers.

What is your opinion on Paint and his videos? Did you know him already? Tell me everything in the comment section below.