House Of Night

The House Of Night series are pretty awesome. I read the first 9 of them in a week or so. it's written by mother and daughter P.C Cast and Kristin Cast.

It's full of mystery, supernatural and horor. It's actually pretty creepy. But what I love about the books
is that it doesn't only tell the supernatural story, with the fight against Darkness, it also tells a love story. And a pretty complicated one at that. 1 Zoey Redbird and about 5 guys. I have to admit I lost count at one point.

Zoey, the main character, is simple and real. she stays grounded, even though she is blessed by the goddess Nyx. Way more than anyone else. She has a lot of problems. Her bestfriend died and un-died. She has not just one but 5 'boyfriends'. She fights against the Darkness and saves the world. And she hates to cuss.

These books will make you laugh and make you cry. They will make you scarred if you read them alone at night (which I did). But once you start reading, you just can't stop until you're done.

If you want any of the nine first books on PDF, just sent a me a mail ( Put 'Ashley, HON' as subject. Then tell me which one you want and I'll sent it in my response. Also, I'm still looking for all of the other books (including Lenobia's vow, Dragon's oath,...), but can't seem to find them. so if you got one, feel free to send it to me in a mail.

Are you a fan of the books as well? Tell me which one of them is your favorite, what you thought while reading, which boyfriend you would choose if you were Zoey,... in the comment section below.